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Online shopping store, all goods are available from stock, there will be some styles because of fabric, transportation, processing and other problems 2-5 days out of stock situation, customers can choose to wait for the stock part of the 2-5 days, or refund, or exchange other existing loans.

Quality problems, such as clothing, can be replaced with money, clothes, a personal emotional goods, not to the subjective opinions (color, dressed in effect, texture) as grounds for replacement

All questions please change the date of receipt of goods made within, please keep the original packaging intact goods and if necessary, such as disassembly stockings, etc. in the open when the logistics personnel delivery of the goods you have any questions, please logistics personnel signature. Overdue Shu entertained.

About logistics: surface with the courier is uncertain. Stores so that each can not guarantee hundred percent customer satisfaction rate. Ordinary online is finding out you please be patient. Courier sometimes due to weather and other factors with the logistics personnel will be delayed . stores unpredictable. goods after issuing the decision by the logistics arrival time. stores hope that all buyers are happy ~ are lovely fairy crush you have any questions contact the owner first time.

Suitable for the customer’s recommendation. Tips merchandise to customers and will be explained, should be based on the customer’s actual objective conditions, recommend suitable clothing.

With the product characteristics. Each type of clothing has different characteristics, such as function, design, quality and other aspects of the feature, recommend to their customers clothing, clothing to emphasize different features.

Precisely the advantage of all types of clothing. To the customer instructions and recommendations for clothing, to compare different types of clothing, precisely the advantage of all types of clothing.

During the opening, all customers have the gift. Overall 20% discount on purchases over eighty yuan to send a membership card (This card can enjoy a 20% or lower lifetime discount).